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EWA | AWE Inspiring Audio. EWA LS-40 Speaker Cable Testimonial:

Designed by Colin J. Wonfor, EWA LS-40 exhibits extraordinary qualities that will thrill a music lover by laying bare inner workings of the music; hear and feel everything!

With a particular focus on quelling phase shift and suppressing common mode noise, EWA cables will usher you closer than ever before to the performance.

The following testimonial is from a happy user of EWA LS-40 Speaker Cable. We are grateful for the encouraging feedback, and hope you enjoy reading this testimonial!

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EWA LS-40 loudspeaker cables by Colin Wonfor, designer of the original Tellurium Q cable range


(Rega RP10 / Apheta II, Rega Aria, Musical Fidelity M6Si with full stage 2 John Sampson upgrade, Dynaudio Contour 20i speakers) I've been using Tellurium Q Black II as my cables for a few years and have recently had some LS-25 cables for the last month or so (which had been returned to ABCaudio as the owner upgraded to LS-80). EWA LS-25: I've been listening to a large variety of music from jazz (Herbie Hancock, David Brubeck, Bill Evans, Getz Gilberto) to EDM (Aphex Twin, Jamie XX, etc) to rock / indie (Wedding Present, Fleetwood Mac, Pavement, Squid) and Johnny Cash, Marvin Gaye (What's Going On), Al Green, and more. All on vinyl. I've tried to mix audiophile pressings and also regular pressings to hear not only the best but also how regular records sound. In the last month the LS-25 have proven to be a massive upgrade from the Tellurium Black II in every way. The Tellurium sounded muffled and held back by comparison to EWA LS-25. The sound opened up hugely and everything was rendered much more clearly - better separation of all instruments and more controlled bass is deep when it should be and less boomy. The speakers sound like they were receiving everything they could from the amplifier. Now to EWA LS-40: On my system the LS-40 are another step up again. Perhaps the simplest way I can describe the LS-40 over the LS-25 is that they have a similar sound but render musical elements in three dimensions. A voice, or a guitar strum or a brass instrument sound like they are really 3d rather than 2d. I don't really understand why but perhaps the lower noise floor of the LS-40s is allowing more subtle sounds to come through giving more shape to the edges of the music? I was told that the LS-40 would extend the bass significantly over the LS-25 but on my system, this hasn't been too apparent. This could be that a two way stand mount speaker has already reached the limit of the bass that it can put out. I am not disappointed by this - to me the bass is fantastic - and rendered with good texture and doesn't sound rolled off. Have there been any "super wow" moments? Compared to the Tellurium yes - almost everything is hugely better. Compared to the LS-25, not too many jaw-hits-the-floor moments, but everything sounds next level up consistently. I was listening to What's Going On (Marvin Gaye) last night at quite low volume and it sounded much better than it has ever sounded. It's a strange recording in my view, very dense, and for the first time the bass parts were far more separated from the other instruments an the sound stage opened up too. The music is now pulled apart and simplified. Music sometimes sounds slower. So I will definitely be keeping these EWA LS-40s! I'm really very happy indeed, my system sounds absolutely right for the first time, and I feel the amp and speakers are working beautifully together and no parts are over or under emphasized. Great, great cables! – Michael



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