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LS-25 Loudspeaker cable:


Experience the extraordinary with the EWA LS-25, a loudspeaker cable that delivers a captivating performance and an authentic acoustic experience.

Boasting well-controlled and fast bass with rich textural detail, the mid-range is expansive, presenting a large and immersive soundstage. The extended and sweet treble is detailed and textured, free from any hint of grain or stridency.


Compared to other audio cables, the LS-25 not only lowers the noise floor of your audio system but also enhances phase behavior. This is achieved through an impressively wide bandwidth, very fast rise time, and common mode inductance along the cable's length. At its release, LS-25 was hailed as one of the finest speaker cables available, and it still stands tall today (review link).

Serving as our 'gateway' loudspeaker cable, LS-25 exemplifies the EWA approach to audio. While LS-40 and LS-80 offer enhanced bass potential and a larger scale presentation, the LS-25 stands as a reference-quality component in its own right—a sonic experience you have the right to hear for yourself.

Explore the LS-25 product page by clicking on the images below.

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