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EWA IC-25 balanced cables


About ABCaudio

Every individual EWA cable product is meticulously built right here on the Sussex coast in the UK. We started as a close-knit team of passionate enthusiasts and music lovers and have grown into much more. More importantly, we have been close friends with our designer, Colin Wonfor, for many years.


During our now long-standing collaboration with EWA, we have personally managed the manufacturing processes for all raw EWA cable, funded through ABCaudio sales, which are sold with a full licensing fee paid to EWA.

The handcrafting of EWA cables involves the application of carefully learned techniques, specialized tooling, and high-temperature specialist soldering to achieve a termination that is both dependable and durable. EWA cables utilize unconventional materials with unique properties, making these termination processes very time-consuming.

What might typically take 10 minutes can easily extend to an hour with raw EWA cables, demanding special care and attention to ensure the creation of a high-quality, robust product. We believe this effort is fully worth it! Our loudspeaker cables, interconnect cables, USB cables and mains power cables are all exceptional performers and we take pride in their quality. Due to the intricacy and precision required for reliable termination, the EWA cable system is not available for user termination directly from the reel.

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EWA LS-80 speaker cable detail
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