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Colin Wonfor and 'Other Things'

Euphemistically entitled 'other things' because 1) there are just so many adventures - far too many to mention, and 2) because Colin is not allowed to speak about many of the more interesting aspects of his work.​

Colin Wonfor's experience as a chemist, power supplies expert & audio designer is extensive. His CV includes organisations such as Plesseys, British Petroleum, the M.O.D., NASA, IBM, Naim, Cambridge Audio, Reid Electronics and many, many others.

Of particular interest was his work for NASA on the International Space Station, which included work on the solar array and power conversion (and the quietest switching power supply in the... or above the world).

His work is never far away - the ISS (look up), your computer, mobile device, TV, your automobile, Disneyland...

EWA FAQ here.

Learn more about Colin's early work with AC Magnum here, and his time at Tellurium Q here.

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