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EWA | Awe Inspiring Audio: An LS-80 Loudspeaker Cable Testimonial.

The following is from a happy EWA LS-80 listener, who worked his way through the entire EWA range.

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EWA LS-80 speaker cables

"I was really not prepared for what the LS-80 delivered. I cannot promise everyone will find the same, as this is my system and my room of course. I was expecting a performance increment on LS-40 (it's made of the same stuff after all!) but I was stunned. The scale of the sound was huge, with bigger dynamics, even more defined imaging and a bass that can be utterly seismic when it is there in the recording. It's a bass that you feel or sense as a presence rather than just hear.

The really amazing news was that, rather than this enlarged scale adding to my bass issue, the cable cleaned up the bass and took total control. I have never heard bass like it, but it is clean and precise, shapely, defined, textured and complex rather than just a low frequency noise. Some tracks sounded lighter in deep bass than I was used to and others deeper and more controlled, a sure sign that coloration was absent.

Noise floor took a clear drop too, which helped further to highlight the stunning clarity of instruments painted in all their detail in the soundstage. The way it delivers kick drum and big transients is thrilling, but it has always been a refined presentation in everything I have tried. You can hear the performance in all its glory and presentation of raucous guitar, for example, is very explicit, but it always stays well short of any nastiness. You can hear the shape, size and ambience of the venue and the way the recording was microphoned. Audio Naute's release of Antiphone Blues (church organ and sax...yes really), Johnny Cash (recent Mofi I Walk The Line) and Analogue productions Bach/Starker Unaccompanied Cello, were particularly awesome in this regard.

After I installed it, I clearly recall hearing some tracks that took me aback, as the music seemed to have been slowed right down. This hasn't happened again since getting my ear into the cable and I have no idea why it did that; something to do with timing or clarity and how we hear idea, but it was real. In summary, it is everything that was good in LS-40 but supercharged in scale and with extra refinement, especially in the bass.

As with all good upgrades, the higher cables are far more revealing, which means they deliver greatness when a recording, mastering or pressing is of high quality. They also tell it like it is, so anything less good still sounds ok or good, but it cannot hide and any limitations are laid bare. Some mainstream CDs do sound really quite ugh, with a compressed and harsh sound, but at the other end of the scale, good CD and especially top quality vinyl (Mofi, Analogue Productions, Blue Note, Impex, Speakers Corner, Pure Pleasure etc) sound jaw-dropping. Crap recordings just seem to use only the middle ground of the dynamic range available to the system, which I guess is true!

Listening is very compelling and I have almost forgotten about the system, as I am not looking for faults or ways to improve it. I just enjoy it and if I have been unable to listen for a week or so, when I put it on, it is like a revelation again....can it really sound that good?

I have thrown most things at it; Living voice classical AP reissues, notable Jazz from Coltrane, Getz/Gilberto, Bill Evans, GoGo Penguin, raw rock from The White Stripes, acoustic blues from Son House, electronic and post punk from Joy Division and New Order, many male and female vocals, Metallica, Gerry Garcia, Pink Floyd, Massive Attack....and it has never tripped. My system really has taken a leap further toward the high end and my Nu-Vista amp and PMC 25.26 speakers seem to gel perfectly with LS-80. It's as if they have been released from a bottleneck and are able to freely deliver what is truly there. Full marks for a stunning cable ABC and EWA!" - Cliff



Measured at 3M using AIM LCR DATABRIDGE 401, at 21C. Capacitance: 115pF Single wire inductance: 20uH Common mode inductance: 14uH. Resistance: 42mR Core material: copper, eighty four per conductor (litz: individually insulated) Overall size: 30mm X 12mm. (EWA LS-80 Loudspeaker Cable)


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