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EWA Starting Point. A fresh look at entry point audio cables:


Introducing EWA Starting Point: a testament to clever design. While retaining some of the proprietary design features of more expensive EWA cables, Starting Point is manufactured using a more standard approach. Starting Point offers remarkable performance for its cost.

The SP loudspeaker cable excels in dynamic ability, artfully portraying impact and detail, whether the music is surging or receding. It can reveal the true potential of your amplifier and showcase exemplary musician placement and soundstaging. Complex musical pieces come alive, each performer occupying their space without congestion.

EWA Starting Point interconnects shine in resolving intricate musical passages with layered tonality. Yet, they also excel in conveying the subtleties of less complex pieces, highlighting textural detail and the larger acoustic space of the performance. In every case, Starting Point places the focus squarely on the music and the performer, revealing their feelings and intentions with clarity.

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