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EWA: AWE Inspiring Audio. LS-25 testimonial

A lovely expression from Bart in the Netherlands, who was delighted with his LS-25. We are equally thrilled every time we hear of a happy listener!

All EWA cable can be bought at, and are available with a thirty day return period if they don't work out for you - though we are confident they will be great!

EWA LS-25 loudspeaker cable

Received yesterday and installed the EWA LS-25 speaker cables last night. First impression is "Jesus that's hell good". I had to cry several times cause the music was so beautiful flowing.

really I getting sentimental? or old..or both? ;-)

It was a while ago this happened to me. Anyway sometimes you read in audiofora that a single change of one part in an audioset-up/system makes the whole system sound different and multple times 'better'. I usually laugh about this or dont take it too serious. I had Supra Ply 3.4 cables and now the LS-25. Btw it looks more like the LS-40? Visually great too! But with these cables it is real. Total make over.

Well it is the first impression of course. But I was in heaven briefly already. I'll you know again after some months.

And tell Colin, send him my compliments about this product. - Bart.



EWA LS-25 is designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK. It is a specialist cable; every part being made to EWAs exact specification. The current LS-25 is s refinement of what was released in 2018. LS-25 is manufactured and assembled to Colin J. Wonfor’s design, a ground up construction using no off-the-shelf parts. The high-quality copper (42 individually insulated cores in litz configuration) is just what is required to bring the best out of the carefully considered and painstakingly refined geometry and design of the cable, something which has been developed over many years. The cable has inbuilt common mode inductance which very unusual, resulting in an excellently low noise floor. Resistance and capacitance are commendably low, meaning LS-25 allows your amplifier and loudspeaker to truly work together in harmony such minimal phase angle changes as other manufacturers can only dream of. We believe LS-25 one of the the finest performing loudspeaker cables available today. We favour a simple, low mass termination of good quality. As standard, LS-25 is available with low mass beryllium copper items, plated with nickel then gold. These are soldered at very high temperatures, using a most unique solder.


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