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EWA IC-25 Cello.

IC-25 Interconnects


Step into a realm of unparalleled audio clarity with EWA IC-25—an interconnect cable that delivers incredibly open sound, with extraordinary detail retrieval and neutrality. Immerse yourself in an expansive musical experience, where the performance unfolds with an easy, yet sophisticated complexity. The gorgeous and expansive soundstaging provided by EWA IC-25 will elevate your home listening experience.

EWA IC-25 represented a breakthrough in connection technology at its release. Crafted with advanced bespoke insulation materials and the finest purified Litz conductors, this complex coaxial cable is engineered not only to preserve signal integrity but also to robustly resist electrical noise. What sets EWA IC-25 apart is its twin shielding against both RFI and EM interference, and an entirely unique common mode choke effect.

In a rigorous comparison within an exceptionally 'noisy' electrical environment against a market-leading competitor (costing 500% more), the EWA IC-25 was measured at over -30dB quieter than the other cable. This remarkable performance showcases the special and significant common mode noise rejection and shielding capabilities of EWA cables. Particularly well-suited as a digital interconnect, EWA IC-25 stands as a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio excellence.

Explore the IC-25 on our product page by clicking on the image below.

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