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The EWA Cable System:

Discover the EWA cable system—a revolutionary approach to audio capable of immersing you deeply in your music. Our design mission is to eliminate unwanted phase shift in the audio signal. Every aspect of our design is meticulously crafted to address and overcome this principle challenge of phase shift, ensuring a pure and undisturbed musical experience.

Through our focus on the fundamental phase issue, the EWA cable system seamlessly encompasses the many other various facets of meticulously engineered audio design. This foundational approach is the essence of our design philosophy.

EWA cables can boast an exceptional combination of a very rapid impulse response and an expansive bandwidth, resulting in unparalleled bass precision and stable three-dimensional imaging. Our determined focus on shielding is integral to our design objective, effectively suppressing disruptive harmonics in the signal. The outcome is a significant reduction in the system noise floor, unveiling tangible, steadfast imaging, intricate detail reproduction, and commanding dynamic potential. In short: realism.

EWA cables are designed in London, manufactured across the United Kingdom by specialized trusted partners, with whom we collaborate closely to deliver bespoke materials tailored to our specifications, and finally assembled by hand in Sussex.
Featuring finely engineered plugs plated with nickel and gold as standard, premium options are also available for those who prefer. Uncommon solder and techniques ensure sonically neutral and reliable termination, which is why EWA cable is not available for user termination. Experience audio innovation at its finest. Experience everything.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions here: 

EWA grand piano workings - cable system
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