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EWA cable system mixing desk image.

The EWA Cable System

Discover the EWA cable system: Audio design that seeks to move the listener through the musical experience. The EWA design goal is to preserve signal integrity without loss or variation. This begins with eliminating unwanted phase shift of any part of the audio signal.
The EWA Cable System is the sterling accomplishment of acclaimed designer, Colin J. Wonfor. Colin is a highly qualified chemist and a chartered electronics engineer, with great experience of esoteric design in power supply and signal management. His previous work with the Ministry of Defence and as a consultant for NASA informs aspects of the EWA cable system design. Learn a little about him, here.

Inductive Shielding and Perfect Phase

In focusing on the fundamental issue of phase, the EWA cable system explores and addresses further aspects of meticulous audio design. Such a foundational and boldly imaginative approach drives the EWA design philosophy. Our results should ensure your pure and undisturbed musical experience.

EWA cables can boast an exceptional combination of very fast electrical impulse response and impressive bandwidth. Speed and bandwidth are fundamental to exemplary phase behaviour and we believe they are also necessary for great audio. Achieving this with our measured low resistance and low capacitance is the starting point that allows EWA cables to perform as they do. 
A determined focus on shielding is also vital to EWA design objectives, and it is especially necessary for cables with these qualities. In effectively suppressing noise and disruptive harmonics in the signal we seek a significant reduction in masking noise. This should allow more tangible and steadfast imaging, reveal intricate textural and harmonic detail, and release commanding dynamic potential. In short: realism.

Signal Integrity Without Loss

Manipulation of the fundamental properties of a cable (most significantly resistance, capacitance, and inductance) should get a designer a long way towards decent sound. But doing so with rare and unusual materials in imaginative designs opens up new potential. EWA cables are designed to preserve the phase integrity of a full range signal across a wide variety of electrical conditions. Such rigid and predictable behaviour, even in reactive environments (such as between audio system components) allows audio devices to perform optimally. Preservation of signal integrity without loss or variation makes EWA cables very close to a direct connection between your audio components. Listen to what they can really do!

EWA cables are designed in London, manufactured across the United Kingdom by specialized trusted partners with whom we collaborate closely (in order to deliver bespoke materials tailored to our specifications), and finally assembled by hand in Sussex.
Featuring finely engineered plugs plated with nickel and gold as standard, premium options are also available for those who prefer. Uncommon solder and termination techniques ensure sonically neutral and reliable termination, which is why EWA cable is not available for user termination. Experience audio innovation at its finest. Experience everything.

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EWA grand piano workings - cable system
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