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IC-40 interconnects

Embark on a sonic revelation with EWA IC-40—an exquisite design that strikes the perfect balance between performance and value in our range. IC-40 extends an invitation to the heart of the performance, immersing you in captivating realism. Experience profound bass depth coupled with astonishing low-frequency detail and speed. This introduces a texture across leading edges and decay, all wrapped in an inviting realism.

In the realm of HiFi, 'good' bass has often been synonymous with fierceness and excitement, but with EWA IC-40, it becomes invitingly immersive or, when required, thunderous and tremendously fast. The mid-range is a powerhouse of detail, the most extensive and nuanced we have yet encountered, continuing seamlessly into the highest registers. From bottom to top, the sound is sweet and carries a weight or gravitas akin to the musical event, reminiscent of the LS-80 experience. Feel the soundstage leap towards you as the depth of imaging envelops your senses.

Built upon the principles of the IC-25 design, EWA IC-40 features truly superb, purified conductors that far exceed the requirements for a high-performance audio cable. The secret behind these audible benefits lies in the sophisticated triple shielding arrangement unique to the IC-40. This triple shielding, effective against RFI and EM interference, creates an exceptionally quiet and well-protected environment for line signals. With minimal signal loss and almost impervious to interference, the result is an exceptionally low noise floor.

This means that the extraordinary benefits of a signal cable with almost no phase distortion can be fully explored and appreciated for the first time—a truly wonderful auditory experience.


Explore the IC-40 on our product page by clicking on the image below.

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