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EWA LS-40 guitar player.jpg

LS-40 loudspeaker cable

Elevating the sonic experience still further, EWA LS-40 has brought audio excellence to new heights. Offering an even more expansive and stable soundstaging than LS-25, this loudspeaker cable delivers a significantly larger scale of presentation, immersing you in the world of music like never before. LS-40 replaced our previous flagship product (LS-50), representing a significant advancement for EWA.

EWA LS-40 loudspeaker cable boasts remarkable dynamic potential with a superb leading edge to bass and abundant, rich textural detail. Musical communication flows seamlessly through the expansive midrange, presenting a pleasingly neutral tonality with a hint of warmth or 'sweetness' at all frequencies. The overall presentation maintains absolute integrity, preserving the wholeness of the musical event rather than dissecting it.

What truly sets the LS-40 apart as special is actually the ability to suppress noise caused by shifting harmonics and achieve a remarkable phase coherence. This matters because non-linear shifting phase in music is undesirable, affecting the overall listening experience. EWA cables, including the LS-40, are meticulously designed to prevent these shifts.

Explore the LS-40 on our product page by clicking on the image below.

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