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EWA LS-40 guitar player.

LS-40 loudspeaker cable

Experience Everything with EWA LS-40, a reference loudspeaker cable design that initiates and sustains a stunning musical performance in your home audio system.


EWA LS-40 is a development of LS-25, the idea being to create the finest loudspeaker cable possible in a discreet and relatively elegant form factor. LS-40 shares the sonic signature of LS-25 and will often sound similar, until more sound power power is applied. LS-40 is capable of revealing more micro detail and ambiance, the captured reality of a musical moment. It demonstrates the ability to suppress shifting harmonics and achieves remarkable phase coherence. 

EWA LS-40 loudspeaker cables command prodigious bass and control of the lower registers, and do so with pace and impact. The leading edge of bass is a full bandwidth signal, and having it all available in perfect phase results in a most pleasing bass response, laden with harmonic detail and in large scale. The dynamic potential and impact is very exciting, the overall scale of the presentation is impressive.


Mid-range, LS-40 performance is expansive, leaving more room for each instrument to be fully present. Detail is vivid and natural, with multiple layers of micro-dynamics fully apparent. The harmonic power of a large ensemble or the intimacy of a smaller group that demands your full attention is vividly realized. A most impressive soundstage immerses the listener at all volume levels, with great apparent width, depth and solidity. Powerful yet sweet treble is detailed and delicate at all volumes, free from any hint of grain or stridency. These characteristics blend seamlessly into a completely integrated whole, with no end of natural detail and realistic tonality.


EWA LS-40 not only lowers the noise floor of your audio system but can also elevate detail retrieval and the portrayal of clearer musical information, such as harmonic detail or micro-dynamics. The description may sound a little artificial but it is in fact more true to life, which we experience at resolution far above 'UHD'. LS-40 is a step up over what has been previously possible an allows your amplifier and loudspeakers to function almost as if they had a direct connection.  


As with all EWA products, you may return a new cable to us within thirty days of purchase if it does not perform to your liking in your own audio system. We believe this is the only fair way to examine the performance of an audio component, and especially so with cables, which are an interface component between other audio devices. Buy it, try it, like it, keep it. Or not - we are here to help.

Explore the LS-40 on our product page by clicking on the image below.


I ordered a pair of Ewa ls40 speaker cables after reading up about them all I can say is they are an outstanding upgrade to my system . The difference they make is more like a substantial component upgrade than just a cable change, the amount of extra detail and musicality is amazing plus the build quality and finish puts many mainstream manufacturers to shame all delivered in a nicely presented box to protect it during transport. Highly recommended as value for money and sound quality. - David Johnson, Google review


Alan was extremely helpful and gave top-notch advise. EWA cables were nothing less than extraordinary. It seemed like a veil was lifted and I could hear microdetails that I couldn't hear before. Recommended to give the products a try!


- Chris Fredericks, Google review

Exceptional customer service and unique audio technology from this company. I have nothing but praise for ABC, every company should be run this way. - Mark Jeffs, Google review

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