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EWA | AWE Inspiring Audio. LS-40 Testimonial.

Designed by Colin J. Wonfor (formerly technical director and designer at Tellurium Q)

Designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK.

SPECIFICATION: Measured at 3M using AIM LCR DATABRIDGE 401, at 21C.

Capacitance: 98pF

Single wire inductance: 14uH

Common mode inductance: 25uH.

Resistance: 60mR

Core material: highly purified copper, forty two per side (litz: individually insulated)

Overall size: 25mm X 5mm.

LS-40 is flexible and has a good bend radius, it can be coiled.

EWA LS-40 Loudspeaker Cable coiled

Please enjoy reading this EWA LS-40 testimonial:

Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 integrated amp/streamer; Shahinian Obelisk 2 speakers (existing speaker cable is Avondale Black Link).

My Shahinian Obelisks just loved LS-40! Upgrading to a more powerful amplifier with Obelisks transforms what they are capable of, and this cable has a similar effect; huge 3D soundstage and amazing detail and dynamics. It became clear that LS-40 was allowing more volume from my system but that I am usually comfortable with because of what there was less of (not more) – glare. I seem to be sensitive to glare, and particularly with female vocal recordings, and happily there was none at any volume that I could comfortably live with, and I found myself living with some much higher volumes! Much too much music played over a few days to list, but a few highlights for me – Laura Marling with just an acoustic guitar, great guitar player and a whole additional line going on underneath that I had never heard before; Jose James “Trouble”, astonishing drum part and the drummer right there in the room with me; Cowboy Junkies “Sweet Jane” from Trinity Revisited, a cacophony of noise that suddenly made complete sense. Also, I’m surprised that nobody has reported previously how good classical music sounds with this cable. From large scale orchestral through choral, chamber music to ambient. - Richard.


We are delighted to hear back from listeners who discover more to love in their favorite musical treasures, and we thank everyone who has given their feedback. All EWA cables cab be bought at, where you will also find more information and technical specification. Cables can be trialed for a month after delivery to ascertain suitability in your own audio system. If they are not for you, simply return them for a full refund (minus postage).

Have a great weekend! - All at ABCaudio and EWA.

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