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EWA LS-V: A small loudspeaker cable, a baby brother to original LS-XXV. It is no longer available. The original tooling was utilised to build Starting Point. Mostly sold via other retailers.

EWA LS-XXV: The cable that started it all! The basic form factor remains, but the cable has been completely revised and improved over the years. Still a strong performer today. Most was sold via other retailers that preceded ABCaudio.

EWA LS-20: A twinned, bi-conducting cable using two runs of LS-V in a braid. Envisioned as a stop gap while we crowd-funded the production of LS-25. Much was sold on or traded in once LS-25 became available again.

EWA MC-5:  The first power cable from EWA, featuring superb high power capability and inductive shielding. Discontinued when MCS-5, a twin shielded, version was released. MC-5 is soon to be re-released as MC-25, part of the '25' series.

EWA MCS-5: A most impressive twin shielded power cable that builds on the strengths of the EWA cable system. Soon to be re-released and available as the MCS-40 (part of the '40' range. 

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