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Colin J. Wonfor at Tellurium Q

A pictorial record of reviews and images, documenting Colin Wonfor's time at Tellurium Q, where he was technical director, designer and originator of the concept behind these award winning cables and amplifiers before being ousted from the company. More can be found here: Link.

​Colin Wonfor helped set up Tellurium Q, a UK based audio company which had its genesis in other companies (named Catch22 and IP LTD), which Colin was integral to. Tellurium Q later went on to become one of the more successful audio start-ups of recent times, largely due to Colin's design concepts which formed the foundation of the original TQ product line.
Colin led the technical development of many award winning cables and also some fine amplifiers, marketed as "combating phase distortion". Technically there was quite a bit more than that going on... The technology Colin developed at TQ is still well regarded now, even though the company seems to have lost interest in building on earlier technical achievements. 

Below is a range of reviews, patents, images and photos relating to his claim to be the inventor behind Tellurium Q designs, and some additional technical material.

Colin's understanding of how to design audio cabling has since progressed significantly, and freedom from corporate concerns has allowed a fresh 'cost no object' approach to R&D (
see EWA Cable System Info here). The EWA cable system may now be one of the most expensive raw cables in use for audio (in terms of manufacturing costs). It must also be the most advanced. His latest work takes his earlier, first generation accomplishments and builds on them most impressively.

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