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EWA: AWE Inspiring Audio. LS-25 Testimonials

The following are two brief testimonials from clients who use EWA LS-25, deigned by Colin J. Wonfor:

What I've found is that the bass boom has gone, timber suspended floor under carpet and sofa isn't vibrating anymore, (a little in the floor but acceptable), I can actually hear the pedal hitting the bass drum, whereas before it was a loud bass boom like in a nightclub that was felt as much as heard and the top end (electric guitars) feel like they have lost their attack (bit more polite rather than a full blooded strum on the opening of INXS Devil Inside). I can certainly turn the volume up a lot more now past the 9 o'clock position than I could previously without worrying about annoying the neighbours with the bass. (Naim 282, Dual Teddy, 250DR, NACA5, B&W 603S2 with Gaia feet.) - Ian.

I have a Musical Fidelity M6Si upgraded by JS Audio and Dynaudio Contour 20i. I have a Rega RP10, Alberta II and Rega Aria, and listen almost exclusively to vinyl.

Currently I have TQ Black II speaker cables and noticed a huge difference when installing the EWA LS-25. I love my speakers but they always sound a little too held back with the TQ cables and the LS-25 have allowed them to open up a lot. Particularly the higher frequencies have a lot more air and sparkle, and the music has a lot more going on but it never sounds congested, and the bass is more detailed. - Marcus.


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