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The Discipline of Hand-Built audio: Why Handcrafted Construction is So Significant

the mute button

I have not been writing much recently. Nor have I been able to engage with the cell phone, especially when a number is unrecognised. Something about these impersonal processes has triggered me these last months, making cold electronic communication a challenge with incomprehensible, terrifying depth to me. Like trying to find confidence in the the deep ocean, it has taking a while to learn to swim again.

In taking some time to recuperate and regenerate, I have been realising how important our work at ABCaudio is: To enable and express the importance of music to an invested listener is a most meaningful and worthwhile pursuit. The absolute necessity of a realistic, believable audio experience when we turn to it goes to our love of music and it's power.

Indulging in the world of high-fidelity audio is not merely our pastime, it is more often a passionate pursuit. A handcrafted EWA cable beckons you to explore the depths of your music, transforming your listening into an immersive, sensory experience. This is no longer about just hearing sounds – it is about feeling, connecting with the soul of the music. This is personal, hand built audio with genuine connection: Experience everything.

ABCaudio always has taken great pride in building highly engineered cables with tremendous shielding and phase correct performance. This care and precision ensure that the audio signal maintains full integrity, providing for a lifelike reproduction that resonates with authenticity. Whether you are a devoted music lover, a serious audiophile, a casual listener, or a combination of these three, musicality is not just heard but felt when you listen with the EWA cable system. This why ABCaudio is committed to a hands-on approach, handcrafting each EWA cable with careful attention to detail and personal attention. Every product receives individualized care during assembly, ensuring that you receive a product that not only meets but exceeds your lofty expectations. This personal commitment to craftsmanship and your music is testament to a connection we share.

Feel free to write to us at ABCaudio, and we will respond. Place an order, and we will build it. Express yourself and we will listen. Listen to your music, and we will enable your connection. We have plenty of stock and materials, we have extended our build times to create less pressure and a more reasonable lead-time, and we have learned to listen again. We appreciate your support and kind thoughts. Colin J. Wonfor is stepping back from the work for a while, and while retirement may beckon he may not possess the patience to sit idly for very long! Expect to see him involved again in the future with more exciting ideas. Let a little time pass. However, even if he is sure about retirement this time he has left us a legacy of amazing audio designs that have pushed audio on in recent years, which we will continue producing as his legacy.

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