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From Tellurium Q to EWA: LS-25 & IC-25 testimonial.

The following testinmonial is from an EWA customer:

EWA IC-25 interconnect cables
EWA IC-25 interconnect with standard RCA connectors

"I've been asked to share my experience with EWA products, and it's been nothing short of phenomenal. I've been around the block with cables for years—and I have tried some of the most renowned brands, including some so-called 'giant killers'.

So, rewind a couple of years, when I stumble upon a Tellurium Q Black II review (which I really rated) on The Sound Advocate. Colin Wonfor, the original designer for TQ, drops a bomb in the comments about parting ways and starting another company to develop fresh ideas. Intriguing, right? And the more I learn about this history, the less I wish to support the TQ company any longer.

Fast forward another year and I have moved on from my Black II cables. But I notice EWA's entry-level range at an attractive price - finally I can go from Tellurium Q to EWA and hear the new designs so I quickly snag the speaker cable and interconnect. Surprisingly very good actually! It outshone Kirmuss, Silnote, and even this single crystal Japanese cable I've been holding onto, and a few others.

But there's more: Because I like this sound I decide to take the plunge and order EWA LS-25 speaker cable and IC-25 interconnects from England. A week in, and I just don't want to swap them out because, believe me, they are just leagues beyond: Insanely insightful, remarkable separation, and no bass hump—just pure detail. It's like diving deeper into the music; I'm picking up nuances I never thought possible, and this is just their basic range!

These cables have turned my listening sessions into something else. It's like being in the front row at a live performance. Each instrument has its space, a distinct voice in the orchestra. It's truly an experience, not just a sound. Bravo, Mr Wonfor!

So, to anyone reading this, if you haven't tried EWA speaker cables and interconnects you are missing out big-time. They not only impressed me but also dethroned a couple of giant killers I used to swear by. Give them a shot—you won't regret it at all, trust me!"

- Dom, Hong Kong.

Thank you Dom, it makes us so happy to hear from music lovers who experience something new when they try the EWA cable system for themselves. It can really take you to new places! To all the EWA users and friends who may read this blog, please do feel free to get in touch: we would love to read your testimonial or experience and publish it here (we can anonymize them if you wish) - even your older experiences are most welcome! On quite another note: Poor Colin has been unwell for some time, and has been feeling terrible - perhaps more than we realised and for a longer time. Last week he was finally taken to hospital with heart distress which resulted in five hours ofsurgery. This is sadly not a new experience for Colin but it is far more complicated than I am prepared to go into here - but the main issue his allergy to most anaethetics. We have been in close contact and I am very happy to say that he is doing well. Tomorrow (Wednesday) I plan to go to London and visit him at his home, I am very optimistic as he already seems far more like his old self! I trust I can take your warm regards to our dear friend? As always friends - thank you for your support!


The new products: These include IC-80, IC-80 USB, and MCS-25/40/80: The IC-80 designs are now tested and all are sounding completely wonderful - I cannot believe what I am hearing! We are simply awaiting tooling and then printed branded heatshrink for the finished cables. Power cables: For the 25 and 40, the same applies as above. For the MCS-80, this monster has been a complete devil to complete! We can now encase the DC blocking unit in resin in a manner which looks good. Testing has been complex and involved but it sounds marvellous. Again, we are waiting on heatshrinks and also for Furutech to make their delivery to us.


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