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We are shipping!

LS-25 is being shipped! Some has already gone, still more will be despatched this week. We are building in batches, and shipping as we complete - we hope to ship all our orders by 10th March! The final orders to be dealt with are those with additional products - like mains or interconnect cables.

If you are awaiting LS-25, please contact us if you require anything other than Z-plugs (4mm banana compatible - for Noel's benefit!). Also - please message me and provide a shipping address if you haven't already. Overseas shipping will be billed with an invoice - please send the shipping payment as soon as you receive it.

In other news! Upgrade options for MC-5 coming soon, in the form of nice, high voltage plugs. Also, a sister product will be launched, consisting of the upgraded plugs and a special screen - a design developed by our technical director and lead man, Colin Wonfor. In both cases, the core cable remains standard MC-5. Prices coming soon...

Amplifiers: New prices for all EWA amps - we are bucking the Brexit pessimism and lowering the prices! From now on, amps will be available directly from ABCaudio and EWA at our new rates.

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