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LS-25 in test

The LS-25 drums have been collected from our lead manufacturer, and are now with Colin Wonfor (designer and technical director) for quality control tests! He seems very happy thus far, so we hope to have the raw cable here at ABC for assembly by the end of the week (11-15 Feb).

You can expect us to start contacting individual buyers from 18th February onwards, to inform you of shipping dates for your individual orders. We hope to have all our pre-orders shipped to clients by early March!

Please be aware that EWA cables are tricky and time consuming to work with, we are not simply terminating standard cable (which would take mere minutes). LS-25 will take some time to terminate effectively, neatly, and in a way which will stand the test of time - this is why we cannot build everything in just one week!

If you are from outside the UK, we will contact you directly to ask for your shipping payment.

For the few of you who have made a supplementary order of another EWA cable in the last week, we will combine your order and ship together with your LS-25, to try and keep things simple!

We look forward to this busy time, and to contacting you soon!

Best regards,

Alan @ ABCaudio


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