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EWA LS-25: Manufacturing.

Thank you, to all who responded with interest in EWA LS-25! We want to let you know that production can begin very soon.

How close are we? As you may know, LS-25 is expensive to manufacture. Elsdon and Wonfor Audio, and ABCaudio can’t finance it ourselves, so we have asked for a commitment to buy LS-25 at the old price in exchange for advance payment (afterwards, the new RRP of LS-25 will be set higher).

Now, with funds we have saved from sales, and this pre-order list, production of LS-25 can be financed. In order to produce LS-25, full payment must be made to our manufacturer first. Then, they will take 7 – 8 weeks to produce our cable. After that, we build the final product and terminate the cable, and ship to you, the customer.

What can we do now? In order to proceed, we need to call in the payment from all of you on the pre-order list. If you are upgrading from LS-5 or LS-20 we need just the difference in price (you can return your old cables when your LS-25 is delivered). If you have registered to purchase LS-25 and are not upgrading, please send the full purchase price.

In the next few days everybody on our pre-order list will receive an email detailing your own price for your lengths of LS-25. We will request payment via PayPal. Once enough people have paid, we will get production started and give a date for delivery. We hope you can make your payment as soon as possible, in order for manufacturing to begin.

Am I on the Pre Order List? Can I still join? If you don't receive an email from ABCaudio by 3rd November 2018, please contact us. We will make sure you are included on the order list and benefit from the offer price.

If you have been hesitating, or weren't aware of the pre-order arrangement, contact us ASAP to be put on the pre-order list. We are offering a maximum of 65 stereo metres under the scheme, there is still some LS-25 available.

Payment: We will request payment via PayPal, as it is versatile and secure. It gives the buyer the option to finance his purchase either by transfer from a bank account, credit/debit card, or even via PayPal credit if offered.


Thank you for reading this update. Everyone who has expressed an interest in EWA products via ABCaudio is welcome to benefit from this offer, and is equally welcome to opt out of receiving further emails from us. Please contact us directly to be removed from our contacts list.

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