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EWA LS-25 updates: 26 June 1018

Thank you, to all who responded with interest in EWA LS-25!

So many have responded to express interest in pre-ordering some LS-25 that we feel it's time for an update, and some more information.

How close are we? Following last weeks appeal, we have five new commitments to order LS-25 should it be manufactured, as well as everyone who has previously expressed interest. Now that everybody who has enquired about LS-25 knows about the pre-order scheme, we stand just three thousand GBP short of our goal. This accounts for all the pre-orders and everything the company has made on recent cable sales.

Obviously, in order to reach our goal we would love to add some more pre-orders to our list. Even if that doesn't happen, ABCaudio and EWA continue to save everything we can from each product sale (after necessary expenses), so we move ever closer to our target! It is impossible to give a timescale at this time, it all depends on sales and pre-orders.

If (when!) we reach our goal, we will ask everybody who has pre-ordered to make full payment - this will pay the cost of manufacturing LS-25. When the cable is received, it will be built and despatched as quickly as possible. We anticipate lead time of the manufactured raw cable to be less than six weeks.

Buy Back scheme: If you are holding back on ordering LS-5 or LS-20, please do not! If you buy from ABCaudio, we commit to buy back your LS-5 and LS-20 at 100% - so there is no risk.

If we reach our goal and you have already purchased LS-5 or LS-20, we will ask you to pay the balance in price to your LS-25 order before manufacture. When we ship the new LS-25, we ask you to return the LS-20 upon receipt.

(If you plan to keep your LS-20, please do let us know as it moves us closer to our target)

What can we do now? Please, spread the word about the EWA cable system, maybe others would be interested in ordering or pre-ordering LS-25.

Consider ordering other EWA products yourself, if you can. We recently built am IC-25 XLR which the new owner was delighted with - he is selling his TQ ultra black as a result! I personally think the IC-25 is a sleeper in the EWA range and is every bit as impressive as LS-25. Have you considered a power cable from EWA? You may think power cables make no difference... I used to think that. The MC-5 has proved one of our most popular products, and to date there hasn't been a single return. Remember, a 30 return period applies to all our products.

As a left-field choice, EWA amplifiers are worth a listen in any system, in particular the Claymore integrated, M50 and Pro series M100. There are a few amplifiers already built, including a very special M100 class A power amplifier (available for approximately £4.5k). This is a special build-to-order amplifier, more details by email.

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