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LS-25 Loudspeaker Cables - Do You Want Some?

Many of you have been asking: "Will LS-25 will be available again?"

We told that we hope it will - but it was unlikely due to high manufacturing costs. But that hasn't stopped you asking, even suggesting various ways we might be able finance production of LS-25! With such strong interest and commitment, we think it could be possible to get LS-25 made once again.

EWA LS-25 | Elsdon Wonfor Audio | Loudspeaker Cable | Tellurium Q

What can you do to help? Pre-Order some LS-25. Commit to buy it in advance, then be prepared to pay when - and only when - it is time to manufacture the LS-25. (If we don't raise sufficient interest, no-body pays anything.)

The Terms:

We propose that if you are interested in LS-25, you pledge to purchase at the old RRP: £180 per stereo metre, plus £150 termination. Pay nothing until the cable is ready to be manufactured, when we will ask for payment via card, bank transfer or paypal.

You can order any length you want with Z-plugs or spades. This will pay for the production of a drum of LS-25.

ABCaudio will operate a 100% buy back scheme for anybody who ordered LS-20 from us, thinking LS-25 wouldn't be available again, thus offsetting the cost of your new cable.

The new RRP of LS-25 for those who do not pre-order will be significantly higher in order to cover the next production run, and increased manufacturing costs (we expect 30% higher). ABCaudio will manage this process in partnership with EWA going forward. EWA and ABCaudio will be meeting with the cable manufacturer in the next few weeks to discuss and fix costs. The pre-order offer price will be valid for a limited time, and limited to the first 65 stereo metres or so.

EWA LS-25 | Elsdon Wonfor Audio | Loudspeaker Cable | Tellurium Q

Will this actually happen? That depends on two things:

  • How many audiophiles pre-order LS-25. (Whole metre lengths only for this special offer, E.G: you need 2.5M, you will need to order 3M.)

  • EWA are hoping several large orders from Europe come to fruition, which would fund at least half LS-25 production costs. Without these orders, there may not be enough available from pre-orders, or this may take a little more time.

We expect to have to raise approximately £12000 GBP to produce LS-25. No money will be requested until funding and manufacturing is confirmed, and the factory ask for payment. If you change your mind you can back out at any time. Of course, cables can also be returned 30 days after delivery if you're not completely satisfied.

EWA LS-25 | Elsdon Wonfor Audio | Loudspeaker Cable | Tellurium Q

Prospective Cost:

£150 termination, plus length @ £180 per metre (left & right)

1 metre set: £330

2 metre set: £510

3 metre set: £690

4 metre set: £870

5 metre set: £1050

Get in touch through our website, to register your interest. Register your name, and what length of LS-25 you would commit to buy. Subscribe to this blog, this is where we will publish news and progress.

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