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EWA LS-25 loudspeaker cables at ABCaudio, by Colin Wonfor. 1
  • EWA LS-25 loudspeaker cables

    EWA LS-25 takes you on a captivating journey closer to your music, immersing you in a unique audio design that employs materials previously unheard of in this field. EWA LS-25 brings forth realism, dynamics, and a wealth of musical detail, allowing you to discover the true potential of your amplifier and loudspeakers when correctly interfaced.


    The bass emanates with strength and remarkable speed, delivering an exciting and tonally rich experience. It possesses body, nuanced tonality, and textural detail that enables you to follow every musical phrase, capturing the dynamics of every bow, strum, pluck, or beat. The bass gracefully falls away with a sustain that mirrors the measured and correct decay observed in real-life performances.


    The mid-range is vibrant and tonally rich, revealing individual instrument timbres and vocal identities with striking clarity. Performances become an engaging journey rather than a passive experience, demanding your full attention. EWA LS-25 sustains this immersive engagement throughout.


    The treble region is meticulously crafted, offering detailed and sculpted tones without any harshness or shrillness, maintaining tonal richness and body. The entire waveform, from the deepest bass to the upper limits of hearing, is presented as a coherent and unified whole.


    This auditory experience unfolds in the auditorium between your loudspeakers, creating a performance space within your home. The soundstage spreads widely and evenly, while imaging remains three-dimensional and stable across all frequencies, ensuring instruments retain their rightful places. The result is a truly immersive listening experience.


    Similar to its LS-40 counterpart, EWA LS-25 cannot be bi-wired, but jump links are available from ABCaudio. When purchased with your LS-25 from this page, a 30% discount is automatically applied to your jump links.


    As with all EWA products, EWA LS-25 is meticulously handcrafted in the UK at the time of order. Following receipt, you have thirty days to immerse yourself in the listening experience and assess your new acquisition within the context of your own system. If, for any reason, the product falls short of your expectations, it can be returned for a full refund, excluding shipping costs. However, we are confident that EWA LS-25 loudspeaker cables will captivate your senses and become an integral part of your audio enjoyment.

    • EWA LS-25 is designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK. It is a specialist cable; every part being made to EWAs exact specification. The urrent LS-25 is s refinement of what was released in 2018.


      LS-25 is manufactured and assembled to Colin J Wonfor’s design, a ground up construction using no off-the-shelf parts. The high-quality copper (42 individually insulated cores in litz configuration) is just what is required to bring the best out of the carefully considered and painstakingly refined geometry and design of the cable, something which has been developed over many years. The cable has inbuilt common mode inductance which very unusual, resulting in an excellently low noise floor. Resistance and capacitance are commendably low, meaning LS-25 allows your amplifier and loudspeaker to truly work together in harmony such minimal phase angle changes as other manufacturers can only dream of.


      We believe LS-25 one of the the finest performng loudspeaker cables available today. We favour a simple, low mass termination of good quality. As standard, LS-25 is available with low mass beryllium copper items, plated with nickel then gold. These are soldered at very high temperatures, using a most unique solder.