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1 EWA LS-25 loudspeaker jump links, at ABCaudio
  • EWA LS-25 Loudspeaker Jump Links

    EWA LS-25 jump link cable set for loudspeakers. These jump links replace either off cuts of wire or pressed brass plates which connect loudspeaker terminals together.


    Available to complement the superb EWA LS-25 but also work brilliantly with EWA LS-40 (use LS-40 speaker cables to the bass terminals of your loudspeakers, then use LS-25 jump links to connect to the treble terminals)..


    If purchased with LS-25 loudspeaker cables these are available at a 30% discount.


    Please refer to the EWA LS-25 product page for full details and specification. Available with any combination of z-plugs or spades (Spade & Z-plug as pictured is standard).