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EWA | AWE Inspiring Audio

Elevate the true performance of the artist and the potential of your audio system to new heights: experience your own musical event, a moment in time; an experience, an intention, an emotion, all perfectly rendered.

EWA hand-built audio cables are crafted as a confident statement of what advanced audio designs can now do.

The EWA cable system is designed from first principles to convincingly and comprehensively suppress unwanted phase shift and distortion in the audio signal, resulting in superb clarity and ultra high definition, a vanishingly low noise floor, tonal richness and texture, and the ultimate in soaring realism and dynamic excitement: Learn more about the EWA cable system here.

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Experience Everything with ABCaudio

We are convinced that the EWA cable system represents some of the finest audio design available anywhere today, and we want you discover how your music can really sound - to experience it for yourself!


These cables started with a clear vision by Colin J. Wonfor, a man known for being unconventional and wonderfully innovative in the world of audio. Each EWA cable is a unique proposition: there are no basic audio wires with fancy packaging here! Whether you listen to digital music or analogue, the end result should make you a part of the performance. EWA and ABCaudio work with multiple partners to create a completely unique engineered audio cable system, available only here.

We want to put world class reproduced music into every home, and cause the true potential of your audio system to shine. EWA now offer speaker cable, interconnect cables (XLR and RCA), tonearm cables, digital audio cables, digital audio USB cables and mains power cables. Our bespoke materials are all made to our exact specification and have unusual properties, which we then put to formidable use in these incredible cables, exactly to the original design vision. 

The EWA cable system represents what can be done with lateral thinking, and a lot of time and effort: a no-compromise expression of the most advanced audio cable system available today. Starting with range 25, you will notice noise floor just dropping away as musical information comes forward. Range 40 gives a richer tonality and greater dynamic potential, while range 80 is just stupendously capable, yet incredibly balanced. It is the ultimate cable for scale, impact and presence.

When you purchase from ABCaudio, you are buying directly from the manufacturer - no dealership means no markup or excessive profit margins. Should EWA cables ever be sold in the audio stores, you will see a huge increase in cost! You may buy any EWA cable product and try it out in your own audio system in complete safety. If there are any issues, we want to put them right; or you can return the cable within a month for a no-risk refund.

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EWA | AWE inspiring audio

experience everything

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