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EWA IC-40 Interconnect at ABCaudio: an outstanding audio design by Colin Wonfor. RCA 1
  • EWA IC-40 Interconnect

    Introducing the EWA IC-40 interconnect, a benchmark design that redefines expectations for interconnect cables. Building on the success of the acclaimed EWA IC-25, our inaugural interconnect cable that effectively preserves phase integrity while suppressing EM noise and RFI, EWA IC-40 synthesizes lessons learned from extensive research and testing and features three shields! With a commitment to delivering remarkable performance at a relatively affordable cost in the realm of high-end audio, EWA IC-40 stands as one of the most advanced interconnects available today and is a wonderful addition to the EWA cable system.


    EWA IC-40 is equipped with truly superb conductors meticulously specified for high-performance audio cables. Setting itself apart is an extraordinary triple shielding arrangement unique to the IC-40 concept. These triple shields, highly effective against both RFI and EM interference, create an exceptionally quiet and well-protected environment for delicate line signals. This robust shielding effectively minimizes signal loss and interference, ensuring an audio experience of unparalleled clarity.


    These innovative design features enable the extraordinary benefits of a cable with practically no phase distortion to be fully realized and explored. The results are truly remarkable, as the impeccably specified conductors exhibit an extremely fast impulse rise time, far surpassing what is strictly necessary. This heightened performance reveals every musical nuance hidden within the analogue waveform. The EWA IC-40 boasts exemplary phase performance, delivering bass realism that defies expectations and an overall scale that authentically conveys an entire performance.


    As with all EWA products, EWA IC-40 is handcrafted in the UK at the time of order. Upon receipt, you have thirty days to immerse yourself in the listening experience and evaluate your new acquisition within the context of your own system. If, for any reason, the product does not meet your expectations, it can be returned for a full refund, excluding shipping costs. However, we are confident that the EWA IC-40 will captivate your appreciation for superior audio quality.