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EWA IC-40 USB Digital Audio Interconnect at ABCaudio 1
  • EWA IC-40 USB Digital Audio Interconnect

    Presenting EWA IC-40 USB audio interconnect cables — an exemplary design redefining expectations for digital interconnect cables. Building upon the success of the remarkable EWA IC-25 series, EWA IC-40 USB synthesizes extensive research and testing into an extraordinary audio product featuring a unique triple shielding system and the very finest of conductors. Our goal is to offer a product that is relatively affordable in audio terms, while standing out as one of the highest-performing interconnects available today. EWA IC-40 features practically lossless performance and exemplary phase behaviour, with superb noise suppression qualities.



    As always, EWA products are meticulously handcrafted in the UK. Upon receipt, you have thirty days to immerse yourself in the listening experience and evaluate your new EWA cable hin the context of your own audio system. If, for any reason, the product falls short of your expectations, it can be returned for a full refund, excluding shipping costs. 

    • EWA IC-40 digital USB interconnect

      (Tested with AIM LCR Databridge 401 at 1M, 1KHz, 21C)


      • Data signal capacitance: 3.1pF


      • Data signal resistance: <2mΩ


      • Data signal inductance: 1.2 µH


      • Power resistance: <6mΩ


      • Power inductance: 1.4 µH


      Coaxial design featuring the unique EWA triple shield arrangement addressing Electro Magnetic and Radio Frequency Interference (EM & RFI). Truly superb conductors are used to maximise the potential of this practically lossless design, termination to high quality gold plated USB terminals (solder, low temp after prep). Termination support via laminated structure incorporating mechanical and adhesive elements for robust support. The aim is to create a practically lossless cable with superb noise suppression characteristics and perfect phase behaviour.

      Ib a previous test of IC-25 (1M unbalanced, with no termination) the cable was measured wrapped around a source of intense radiated electrical noise. In comparison with a high end and even higher priced competitor product (which Colin also deigned), IC-25 was an extraordinary -30dB over the competitor in terms of noise suppression. IC-40 is a siginificant advance even over this.