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EWA IC-40 USB Digital Audio Interconnect at ABCaudio 1
  • EWA IC-40 USB Digital Audio Interconnect

    Introducing the EWA IC-40 digital USB audio interconnect cable—an exemplary design redefining expectations for digital interconnect cables. Building upon the success of the remarkable EWA IC-25 series, EWA IC-40 synthesizes lessons learned from extensive research and testing. Our goal is to offer a product that is relatively affordable in audio terms, while standing out as one of the highest-performing interconnects available today.


    The EWA IC-40 USB interconnect cable showcase combined electromagnetic and RFI shielding. At its core are specialized, exceptionally high-quality conductors thoughtfully over-specified for this series of cables, bringing the full benefits of the EWA cable system to your digital sources.


    Employing a complex coaxial design, EWA IC-40 is uniquely triple-shielded—an uncommon feature that sets it apart in the market. The IC-40 digital cable is engineered for extremely high speed, boasting a rapid rise-time to precisely transmit every leading edge of the digital bitstream.


    The exceptional internal conductors, extensive shielding, and ultra-fast impulse response make the IC-40 an unparalleled choice for your digital connection—certainly surpassing what is strictly necessary. We are confident that you'll appreciate exploring the hidden depths of your recordings with this cable, enjoying the benefits of a digital interconnect that introduces practically no phase distortion.


    As always, EWA products are meticulously handcrafted in the UK at the time of order. Upon receipt, you have thirty days to immerse yourself in the listening experience and evaluate your new acquisition within the context of your own system. If, for any reason, the product falls short of your expectations, it can be returned for a full refund, excluding shipping costs. However, we are confident that the EWA IC-40 digital USB audio interconnect cable will exceed your expectations and enhance your digital audio experience.