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EWA | AWE Inspiring Audio: LS-40 Testimonial.

This testimonial is from a client who bought EWA LS-40:

EWA LS-40 loudspeaker cable, designed by Colin J Wonfor (previously Inca tech, Naim, Tellurium Q, NASA).

About a month ago I purchased EWA LS-40 cable from ABC Audio, replacing off the reel Naim cable for my system comprising of Naim Nait, CD5 player and PMC Twenty5.24. Alan at ABC Audio said if I didn’t like the LS-40s I could send back. Well, its over a month and I still have them. Why?

What struck me most about changing to LS-40s is the power, and by that I mean I just don’t need it.

My Nait no longer has to work so hard. I no longer dial up the volume to hear the detail I yearn for and only get with volume, at the expense of balance. Those exquisite sounds…in-take of breath, a distant hand clap, a faint whistle on a live album you know are there but have never quite fully been aware of. The pitch of an e string lasting out at a frequently we mostly lose the ability to hear beyond youth being brought back somehow.

Then there’s bass, gently delivered and smooth, felt but without need to raise volume. I like bass and to get my fix it would dial up to the point of an uncomfortable boom and ricocheting sound mash. My room is not ideal. The LS-40s have brought an equilibrium that I have not found before. To hear tiny nuances with satisfying bass without volume within a balanced sound scape is something quite special and have been surprised to have found this from a bit of wire.

Which is why I’m keeping it. I hadn’t anticipated the liveness sound. Music is in the room more and more present…front of stage. Listening doesn’t get tiring like it used to because I can listen to what I need to without volume and effort. Thanks ABC Audio for the opportunity to try out the cable, which I won’t be returning!

- to which we reply: you are most welcome, and we are thrilled you enjoy your system so much.

Loudspeaker cables designed by Colin J. Wonfor
EWA LS-40 loudspeaker cable


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