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EWA LS-40 loudspeaker cables at ABCaudio, by Colin Wonfor.1
  • EWA LS-40 Loudspeaker Cables

    Expanding on the relentless performance of  LS-25, the EWA LS-40 loudspeaker cables deliver an amplified experience within the same sleek form factor. With nearly double the conductor cores and increased common mode inductance compared to LS-25, EWA LS-40 injects extraordinary vigor into the music, bringing forth vivid timbres and colors. Your soundstage emerges between the speakers with unparalleled cohesion and stability.


    For us, EWA LS-40 represents the optimal balance within the EWA cable system, offering a blend of outstanding performance and value. While closely aligned with the LS-25, EWA LS-40 distinguishes itself with additional vitality, scale, and bass presence, making it truly special.

    Bass is especially impactful, exceptionally fast, and irresistibly rhythmic. It possesses substantial scale and presence, conveying power without overwhelming. EWA LS-40 unveils a world of textural detail within the bass, allowing each musical nuance and cue to unfold in its own time and space.


    The midrange is densely packed with detail and information, demonstrating heroic reach and resolution that vividly mirrors the original performance. Dynamics are superb and ever-evolving, offering significant potential and subtlety. The tonality, along with deeper musical details and timings, is presented for you to savor.


    Treble is extended, sweet, and well-defined, free from any hint of harshness even at higher volumes—ensuring a fatigue-free listening experience.


    It's important to note that LS-25 and LS-40 cannot be bi-wired, but jump links are available from ABCaudio. When purchased with your LS-40 on this product page, a 30% discount is automatically applied to your jump links.

    As always, EWA products are meticulously handcrafted in the UK at the time of order. Following receipt, you have thirty days to immerse yourself in the listening experience and assess your new acquisition within the context of your own system. If, for any reason, the product falls short of your expectations, it can be returned for a full refund, excluding shipping costs. However, we are confident that the EWA LS-40 loudspeaker cables will earn your admiration and become an integral part of your audio setup.

    • EWA LS-40 is designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK. It is a specialist cable; every part being made to EWAs exact specification.


      LS-40 is manufactured and assembled to Colin J Wonfor’s design, a ground up construction using no off-the-shelf parts. The high-quality copper (all eighty-four individually insulated cores in litz configuration) is just what is required to bring the best out of the carefully considered and painstakingly refined geometry and design of the cable, something which has been developed over many years. The cable has inbuilt common mode inductance which is much stronger than is usually found, resulting in an excellently low noise floor. Resistance and capacitance are commendably low, meaning LS-40 allows your amplifier and loudspeaker to truly work together in harmony with almost zero phase angle changes.


      Despite being a reference grade product, we believe one of the the finest performing loudspeaker cables available anywhere, we favour a simple, low mass termination of good quality. As standard, LS-40 is available with low mass beryllium copper items, plated with nickel then gold. These are soldered at very high temperatures, using a most unique solder. However, Furutech plugs and spades are also available, or WBT if one prefers.

    • Measured at 3M using AIM LCR DATABRIDGE 401, at 21C.

      Capacitance: 98pF

      Single wire inductance: 14uH

      Common mode inductance: 25uH.

      Resistance: 60mR


      Core material: highly purified copper, forty two per side (litz: individually insulated)

      Overall size: 25mm X 5mm.

      LS-40 is flexible and has a good bend radius, it can be coiled