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UK-based production from 2022

Colin J Wonfor's experience in data transmission and power supplies is impressively broad and deeply comprehensive. The EWA cable system is an effort to demonstrate what audio cables should do, to strip away a barrier between you and your music. While it is extremely expensive to manufacture, we believe it is worth it! When developing EWA cables Colin was able to pursue his purposes without interference from company directors and accountants.

EWA LS-80: State of the art audio cables, made in the UK

However, getting some of the more unusual materials together for the last few manufacturing runs has been a challenge, particularly when it came to importing certain products into a Covid struck, post BREXIT country. So we took the decision to establish fresh supply arrangements, all UK based, to complement our end-to-end UK manufacturing process. Of course some raw materials, like the metals within the wires themselves, originate from other parts of the world; however we now deal with large UK partners in sourcing such materials. It costs more than it used to, and lead times are longer; but at least we can be confident of getting what we need.

Our wires are sourced from a partner who is a world leader in their field, and are of a bespoke geometry and composition of material, prepared just for EWA. We are delighted with the quality of the first production run, which was delivered to us late January.

EWA audio cables, made in the UK

The insulation material is completely unique to EWA and again is a bespoke formula and material, made from the ground up here in the United Kingdom. Three different UK manufacturing partners are involved in the preparation of this material, which is then incorporated carefully into EWA's finished product design, enhancing and indeed unleashing the character of our wonderful conductors.

Much of 2021 and early 2022 has been taken up establishing these new supply chains. This has now been accomplished, and we are happy to announce all EWA cables are designed in London, with materials sourced, manufacturing completed (with multiple partners), and finally assembled in Sussex.


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