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EWA LS-80 loudspeaker cables
Loudspeaker clamps in preparation

It has been a busy few months, and we have news! The recent surge in demand and enthusiastic reception to EWA cables has been a real encouragement to Colin and myself, as so many of you have found deeper enjoyment in music with your new EWA cables! But we may have more to offer - please read on! The distinctive EWA loudspeaker clamps (pictured above) now feature a revised material, which we continue to produce by 3-D printing processes. These clamps serve more than a cosmetic purpose, and that is something which is unique to EWA loudspeaker cables. The clamps continue to be made in small batches, out of necessity, and are accordingly hand finished. Each clamp now identifies the cable it is mounted on (each range has its own material specification) so there are no longer branded heatshrink sleeves on loudspeaker cables - simply red and white tails. The mains power cable range is being consolidated: A new cable, MCS-25, is being released this month. It is a shielded high current cable with great potential in a premium package - we are very pleased with how it performs, especially dynamically. MCS-40 is available at the same time, it being rebranded MCS-5 - there is no practical difference at all. It remains a double shielded, extremely capable product that outperforms (we think) every competitor available today. A new mains cable design, MCS-80, is being developed for release towards the end of July. Based upon the outstanding MCS-40 concept, this monster is triple shielded (against both RF and EM noise) and will feature a sophisticated in-line DC filter device (currently being refined by Mr. Colin Wonfor). This is a complex product, but for you who are looking for the ultimate in performance and over-engineering, this may be your cable! Prices are expected to be quite painful, with an early discount price starting at approximately £1200. The 80 range is finally getting it's interconnect! IC-80 is being prototyped and tested right now, it sounds even more expansive than IC-40 - frankly we didn't think that could be done. It genuinely proved to be a stretch improving on IC-40 without resorting to complicated re-engineering. IC-80 is really gilding the lily, as IC-40 is itself a reference cable; but if you want to go there, we will take you. We hope to release IC-80 this month, we are looking at how to tidy up the build method first. All three ranges of EWA interconnect cables with RCA plugs will soon be available with phono earth leads for those who want them: standard configuration will be a flying lead with spades at each end, incorporated in the left cable. IC-80 USB is a little way off just yet, as the circuitry we wish to use requires miniaturization, but the cable will come!

EWA IC-40 interconnect cable
EWA IC-40, ready to ship

ABCaudio are now awaiting a fresh factory supply of loudspeaker cables (25, 40 and 80) as demand has recently been strong. We are able to continue fulfilling orders for shorter lengths, but longer runs may need be supplied at the end of June. We still have plenty of mains cables and interconnects though. Please stay in touch for the latest news! Warm regards, Alan & Colin


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