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A lovely write up, by Clive Meakins in September issue of Enjoy the

An excerpt:

A Classic Concept With Superb Charisma

I very much liked The Claymore from the beginning and I must say its virtues continued to grow on me... It's a quite a large amplifier relative to many Class D offerings out there; don't expect The Claymore to be a shrinking violet physically or sonically.

The Claymore will match a great many speakers. If I have one piece of advice about the sound of speakers to match it with, it's that I would choose partner speakers that are neutral to slightly warm. Should you pair the amplifier with a lean sounding set of speakers you will get too much of a good thing – you would for my taste anyway.

If spatial staging, resolution, and speed are your thing, then The Claymore Retro integrated amplifier will surely appeal. This amplifier is not run-of-the-mill sounding. Is it neutral? Yes, I believe it is – does it sound like one of the many excellent Class D amplifiers? No, it does not. There's a different balance of virtues in play with The Claymore and I love the result. I'm sure there are many out there who will feel the same. [/quote]

The original Claymore is very well known as something Colin Wonfor's name is attached to - rightly so; it sounds great and over twenty seven thousand were sold. The original amplifier would have been very much like this newer version had the needed components been in existence forty years ago.

It's a little bit of an outlier in the EWA range, all the other amplifiers are based on the M-100 circuit, getting smaller and simpler as the price decreases. The Claymore is more of a trip down memory lane, based on the original Inca Tech Claymore design concepts but with evolution and refinement evident at every step.

EWA Claymore: Available at ABCaudio for £1300.

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