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Price vs Performance

Hi all,

First - a quick update for you. We have started assembly and shipping of the loudspeaker cable orders - we will clear these in the next two weeks. We thank you for your patience, as production is currently a solo effort due to CV-19 and maintaining safe working environments.

IC-25 Interconnect, USB and MCS-2.5 cables were collected from the factory tonight, so will become available in the next couple of weeks also.

So - what do you think of the new packaging and cosmetic upgrades? We hope this will provide more of a tactile experience to our loyal clients.


Pricing: We have tested EWA against other cables costing 5 times ourselves, and EWA technically outperform and subjectively sound better every time. So the question is: How should EWA price their products?

We believe EWA cables may be among the most expensive to produce in the world. We keep prices 'low' comparatively by selling direct to you - in effect giving the customer a distributor price. Even so, EWA cables are hardly what we would call 'cheap'!

Colin J Wonfor was once asked about the pricing of his designs - a relevant question! Indeed, today it is quite possible to purchase a Claymore amplifier, and then spend the same money again on EWA cable for it! Why is that? Here was the response:

The parts in my cables are few but the rare earth materials and complex construction, plus the combination of unusual parts to make such good cable are not cheap! Then there are tooling costs at the factory to extrude the raw cable which in one case required 8 tools in a set - all made in ceramic not mild steel - not cheap at all! In order to pay for one tool set we needed to sell 100Km of the cable in question, and there were 4 cable types and over 25 tools in total!
The parts in the amplifiers are manufactured and purchased in large number and the PCB and case tooling is still a lot less expensive than the cable tooling.
On top of that the labor cost to assemble certain cable sets are very high. The soldering irons are not standard because of the materials we use use and the temperature must be high; over 400C and we have to be very careful with fumes extraction as well. It should only take five minutes to terminate a speaker cable - not ours!

So there it is, from the designer himself! It is excruciatingly expensive and time consuming to get raw EWA cable made and delivered here, and it takes ages to work them into a viable product. Yet, it is so worth it when you finally hear the finished article, and we have many happy clients who agree.

Some have suggested we increase prices hugely, in order to be noticed and be taken seriously at the top 'premium' end of the market. Well, the day will come when we enter into relationships with distributors, dealers and the like, and prices will have to increase. Probably by a lot.

Until then, it is our privilege to deal directly with you, the music lover - this is in fact where we wish to be taken seriously. But when it comes to direct selling at distributor prices, this ride cannot last forever, especially with state of the art technology...


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