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Moving On: Audio after CV-19...

So this has been pretty awful, all things considered. We truly hope you have been spared tragedy and heartache during the pandemic.

While things have been quiet, EWA and ABCaudio have used the time wisely (and squandered all the funds)... by developing new products which we hope you will enjoy!

1: Interconnects.

IC-25 has had a minor but important redesign, which has resulted in improved performance. The main goal though, was to create a more durable product that will reliably last for years. We are moving to low mass gold plated connections where possible. The new cable is being tested now, and will be available during July. (Pricing is around £350 a stereo set.)

2: Loudspeaker cables.

LS-50, which was so large, and so heavy, is being discontinued. We have wanted a viable replacement for a good while, but how do you replace one of the finest cables available to buy? Read on...

LS-40 is Colin's latest newest cable design. The goal was to replace the LS-50 without losing any performance - and this is what he has achieved. It is a ludicrously expensive cable to manufacture (in three different locations, before final assembly), but it now weighs just a little more than standard LS-25 and sounds indistinguishable to LS-50. One notable difference is LS-40 is only available as a single wired option. We hope this will be in stock in August. (Pricing is similar to the current LS-50.)

3: USB cables Yes, we said USB! Finally, a Wonfor designed EWA USB cable which is, according so him, the highest performance cable he has ever designed. This is particularly impressive, given the previous 'top' design of his was an active design (It retailed around £800), and this design is completely passive! (Pricing will be around £350.)


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