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Good looks to match the sound

I write to thank all the friends of EWA and ABCaudio who have recently placed orders. Every client has been given a choice: Receive a product quickly, or wait for the new product refresh in mid-late September; all have decided to wait. This is not without risk as most companies are struggling due to CV-19 issues. EWA and ABCaudio are finding it challenging to get the materials we need in a timely manner, just like everyone else.

So it is now mid September, and we don't want you to worry - what's happening? Here is your update:

  • IC-25 interconnects: The drum of raw cable will be available for collection on Monday 28 September at the factory. Then we start assembly (five outstanding orders).

  • LS-25 | LS-40 | LS-50 | LS-80 Loudspeaker cables: The final parts for cable construction are being prototyped and refined several times a week. They are 3D printed and are designed to hide the cable 'break out' section. That is scheduled for completion next week (Five outstanding orders.)

  • MCS-2.5 and MCS-5 Reference mains power: Available with beautiful MS-HD mains plugs in gold or silver. MCS-2.5 Reference raw cable arrives next week. We already have MCS-5 reference (Two outstanding orders.)

  • EWA USB: Based on the IC-25 system, so this starts production in October (One outstanding order).

Basically, everything kicks off at the start of October when the new stock arrives. If the 3D printed break out clamps (for loudspeaker cables) are completed first, we can start building loudspeaker cables during the last week in September.

Customers who already placed their orders will be served first as they have been patiently waiting. After that, we will email everyone who has inquired about products in the last months.

ABCaudio are well placed to fulfill all current orders and any future cable orders in an efficient manner, whatever lockdown situation may arrive. We have prepared to function as close to normally as possible. We have lots of stock (will have complete stock when the IC-25 arrives), abundant supplies, fresh branding and new packaging. Of course we are the mercy of couriers, but even they seem pretty well organised now. Shipping to Hong Kong seems to take just one week, for instance.

Every EWA product is made carefully, hygienically treated and disinfected and sealed before shipping. So prepare to enjoy at least some good things under CV-19 and whatever restrictions we may face; ABCaudio and EWA are here for you.

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