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EWA: The Starting Point for incredible sound

Here they are: Starting Point Loudspeaker Cables with matching Links. We at ABCaudio are very proud of these cables, we feel they clearly and obviously perform way above their price level. What exactly is their price level? How about a mere £115 for a 2M set?

We cannot imagine any other cable that offers do much for such a low price level - these are bespoke cables, manufactured for is with our own design of conductor and insulation! A completely bespoke, custom construction for £115. We hope you will enjoy them!

Please read on for a testimonial:

I'm a little shell-shocked by the Starting Point Speaker Cables. Are they the bestest cables in the world? No. Are they going to change your life in ways you could never have foreseen? Probably not. But what these cables are going to do is surprise you.
Going from good first impressions on fit and finish - well boxed, well made, well protected cables that are presented without undue fuss and drama, there's an undeniable feel-good factor with EWA cables that hasn't been neglected in the starting point range. Opening the box doesn't disappoint either; The 'feel good factor' is here, and in spades too.
But how do they sound? Well, for a start they are not EWA LS-40; for the price, that would be a miracle. But - considering that I'm listening on Snell reference A5 speakers, with a very nice Anthem amp driving the lead frequencies, they are surprisingly good. I expected some competition from my current "go to" cables - Ortofon SPK300 and Tellurium Q Blue (does anyone else prefer these to the Blue 2?), but the Starting Point cables are not discouraged. Neither of these improved on Starting Point, which managed to impress me most of all with their openness and detail. Going back to where most people start, Gale plain copper (remember the transparent jacketed 79 strand stuff? I still have some!) is really muddied and closed in by comparison.
While Starting Point are really very good overall, I did find that in my system it was the mid/top end frequencies seem to benefit most from these cables. Not that there's anything too wrong with that, mind you. If I hadn't heard better cables- EWA LS-40 - I'd be more than happy with Starting Point (as it is, I've got some Acoustic Zen Hologram II cables here to try; yet another eBay bargain, I just need to get them terminated first. I'm really looking forward to comparing them).
Unlike the Starting Point RCA's, I didn't notice any appreciable 'burn in' with these, they seemed 'good to go' straight out of the box.
So what's my overall impression of Starting Point speaker cables? They represent real value for money. Compared to the basic cables that most people start with, they're just extremely good - to the point where people might like to consider upgrading their cables long before thinking about upgrading their amplifiers. They are open, detailed (a touch more on mid/top than on bass, but that's not to say that the bass frequencies are not very good, just that the mid/upper reaches benefit more). As with the EWA RCA Starting Point cables, I'm happy to say that these are (1) NICE (and not just in a jaaaazzzzz way), and (2) recommended. Like the RCA cables, I could see people starting here, and not needing to buy better for quite a while. - Leigh.

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