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EWA Starting Point Collection

A fresh look at entry point interconnects and loudspeaker cables:

It is one thing to build the most advanced audio cables, a very special thing indeed, and it is entirely thanks to Colin J Wonfor's extraordinary work that ABCaudio can do this. But these esoteric designs require extraordinary materials, bespoke tooling, and multi-stage manufacturing processes; and therefore extravagant pricing to produce. Even without an extravagant profit margin, these cutting edge designs just cannot be made 'on the cheap'.

So what can be done with less in the way of rare materials and a more conventional approach to manufacturing? Will the special qualities the EWA cable system has become known for still be evident?

Presenting the EWA 'Starting Point' range, for imminent release:

A Loudspeaker cable, small form factor and flexible, with excellent audio qualities and far in excess of class leading phase correct response.

An interconnect cable (RCA singe ended only) of similarly pure sonic ability and detail retrieval, a cable which will delight and engage the listener endlessly.

As a set, the Starting Point range demonstrates what Colin J Wonfor is striving for, and what is attainable even with a more conventional approach if only good engineering and electronic understanding is applied correctly. With anticipated pricing of under £100 GBP for a String point interconnect, and under £195 GBP for a 3M pair of Starting Point loudspeaker cables. We don't think anything in audio can offer this much pure sonic performance for so comparatively little outlay.

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