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EWA LS-80 - user testimonal

We are thoroughly delighted when someone new 'gets' what EWA cables do, this is a ringing and meaningful endorsement of Colin's thoughtful approach to audio design. We love to share these comments with you, dear readers and supporters. So here is our latest mini-review of EWA LS-80 loudspeaker cables, by David, reproduced with permission (always).

EWA | AWE Inspiring Audio designs. LS-80 loudspeaker cables

I just wanted to post a few comments and observations on the EWA LS-80 speaker cable. A couple of months ago I contacted Alan to ask about the possibility of demoing a set of LS-40 speaker cables. He said that would be fine but that they were out on loan, so he would let me know when they returned. We exchanged a few messages (as you do) and got talking about the LS-80 as well. Now I should add that at that time I was thinking that I'd be needing a 4.5m pair. The thought of spending out on LS-80's wasn't something that filled me with enthusiasm. However, talking with 'She who must be obeyed' resulted in the idea of moving the rack to between the speakers. This cuts the required length to a 2m pair...far more palatable. As luck would have it, Alan had a pair already built for a customer who now wanted 2 pairs of LS-80 for bi wiring. So bingo bongo, I demo'd that pair.

Without wishing to wax lyrical or get in to the whole 'cables make no difference' debacle, this is what I (and 'She who must be obeyed') found. My previous cable was a 4m pair of NAC5. I should probably list the other components as well I guess. Hegel H390 and a pair of PMC Twenty5 22 stand-mounts. My source is the internet going through a Silent Angel N8 switch. I use Qobuz. I had the system cooking away for about 40mins with the old cable before switching, the wife was upstairs at this point. I did the swap. Volume on the amp was unchanged. The difference was immediate and tangible. Wider deeper soundstage, more space around the elements of the recording and better definition and texture to those elements. So obvious was the change that my wife appeared at the door to the lounge giving me one of her looks. We both knew these cables were keepers. Back of the net!

The cables arrived very well packaged and in a presentation box with three layers of foam for protection. Alan has been an absolute gentleman to deal with from the start, which was just a casual enquiry. I have no affiliation with Alan or EWA and have nothing to gain by making these comments. I could have sent the cables back with no charge, at any point. If you're thinking about upgrading your cables, get in touch with these guys, you'll be glad you did. - David.


Thank you, David - we are truly thrilled that LS-80 cables are doing their 'thing' for you, in your system. It may seem odd to say this, as Colin is well known for building extraordinary audiophile amplifiers, but at the extreme a cable like EWA LS-40 and LS-80 can make as significant difference as as a major component upgrade. Learn more about LS-40 here:

Learn more about LS-80 here: Learn about the EWA cable system here: And read about listener impressions on pfm (pink fish media).


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