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It's been a while...

...since our last blog post. That's because there's not been much to say, our heads have been down and we are just producing cables. There has been particular interest in EWA LS-50 and MCS-5 cables in Hong Kong and Singapore in recent months, which has been most encouraging to us here at ABCaudio.

We are currently talking with Colin Wonfor about achieving a number of goals for EWA this year, which could prove very exciting. First, we are looking at releasing a redesigned interconnect cable - we know many people want to see this! The new EWA design has to perform much as the previous IC-25 did, perhaps a little better if it can be achieved. It must also be simpler to assemble, and be more robust in prolonged use. To that end, it will only be available in RCA phono or XLR balanced configuration. We have no timetable for this at the moment!

This year also includes a planned move to gold plated plugs on all our terminations and plugs, in order to harmonize the product range and reference Colin Wonfor's previous work at Inca Tech. We hope to produce our own reasonably priced gold plated mains plug and mains socket for home installation.

ABCaudio and EWA are testing USB cables based around LS-5 cable, which we will hopefully bring out before summer. EWA cables work very well in this application, the hard part is making a cable that isn't too thick or heavy. We think the noise cancelling and RFI suppressing qualities of EWA cabling are going to prove very desirable as a digital cable.

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