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EWA | AWE Inspiring audio. LS-80 Testimonial:

One customer's experience: EWA LS-80 testimonial:

EWA LS-80 loudspeaker cables with Furutech Spades against a grey background.

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I'm using the EWA LS-80 speaker cables, and as I have a very powerful class A amp and power hungry speakers I decided to use two pairs of LS-80 cables to bi wire, I'm not good at describing what music sounds like but I can say that the cables are the best I've owned up to date.

As a little back ground info the LS-80 cables replaced Townshend F1 Fractal (two pairs bi-wired) prior to those I had Nordost Valhalla (bi-wire) and before those Atlas Mavros biwire. Then I recently had the opportunity to try a pair of Stage3 concepts speaker cables, as these cables are an absolute fortune expected them to blow away all before them.

I can tell you that on my system the LS-80s performed better (much better) than all but the Stage 3 cables and the differences between those and the LS-80's were nip and tuck one seemed better in one aspect and the other better somewhere else (as I said not good at descriptions). The Stage 3 cables were single wired with jumpers so may be better again with two sets bi wired, who knows, guess I'll never know as I can't afford one pair never mind two pairs! Going to try EWA's interconnects and mains cables next.

EWA LS-80 shown with upgraded terminations by Furutech.


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