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Whats new?

New Branding! All EWA cable products sold from mid-June will have identical new branding, which has finally arrived. Featuring metallic orange script on deep grey heatshrink, the EWA logo, an arrow for direction and the simple initials: EWA.

The long promised new cable products are finally here! See the website for full details, but in short the new mains cable and the new loudspeaker products are available now!

Mains: MCS-5 (Mains Cable Shielded) is an amazing thing, it makes most amplifiers sound like they are twice the size! Suitable for any AC powered device, it deals exceptionally well with any noise on the power being effectively a mains super filter, thus lowering noise floor considerably.

These MS-HD plugs will also be available as an option on MC-5 going forward.

We are delighted to release EWA LS-50, a twinned version of LS-25. What a cable! A true beast of a thing, but capable of extraordinary musical insight. Here is a picture of a slightly messy pre-production set:

EWA LS-50 - new!

One of the great things about LS-50 is that we finally can offer genuine bi-wire options that we have been asked for!

The Claymore has finally sold out, having proved incredibly popular at it's reduced price. Little wonder, nothing else available at that price could get close the the Claymore's performance! We hope to bring it back by the end of the year.

The IC-25 also remains out of stock. This is the problem when everything is made for us bespoke - we have to get multiple manufacturers lined up in order to build our product, and uncertain times are making it harder than ever to get this all together!

Something which is in our control: EWA design! Colin is working to develop two new amplifier models. One, on test here, is an integrated called the Oberon. Operating at 25W class A and getting pleasantly warm, it is a superb sounding piece of kit and rapidly becoming my favourite EWA amplifier!

Pictured is my slightly rough pre-production model which features a very good inbuilt DAC; it's more likely to be available with a high performance MM/MC phono stage though. Likely RRP will be around £2.5k GBP.

Featuring twin SECA headphone sockets, and no remote control!

There is a pure class A amplifier being developed with a likely power output of 12 - 20 W Single Ended Class A. Hopefully available in an M-50 type case, this will not have the ultimate power of the hybrid EWA amplifiers, but will be a special thing for the purists amongst us!

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