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LS-25 production update

This is a slightly strange 'update' post, as there is little news to update you with! The only news is that we are still waiting for the lead factory to complete production.

As you will know, we had hoped to collect finished cable around the 11th of January. After discussing this with the manufacturers, it seems that a particular element of our design couldn't be made on schedule, due to a certain raw ingredient not arriving on time for the scheduled production run.

I have been assured that the LS-25 manufacturing will be completed soon, and that we can "most probably" arrange to collect it in the last week of January.

I am relaying the dates and information given me by the manufacturer, so like you I am relying on them to be accurate this time. If any further delay is announced, I will of course object strongly on your behalf. I will also update you here.

I hope that next time I write this blog, it will be exciting news for you! Until then, please accept my thanks, and that of all involved with ABCaudio and EWA, for your patience and loyal support.

EWA LS-XXV at ABCaudio

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