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Do you feel it?

Spring is coming. I can feel it. 

It's been a long time coming but it's bearing down on us now, nothing will stop it.  Only good things will come from Spring. 

ABCaudio, finding it's feet as Spring blooms, is also a harbinger of good things and promise. The EWA cable system, SECA technology - both signatures of acclaimed audio designer Colin Wonfor - are capable of elevating the performance of your music system to levels hitherto imagined and striven for. While SECA technology, with the requisite sophistication and wizardry applied to it's power supplies is perhaps a step too far for some (we are attached to our amplification, after all), the EWA cable system is another matter.

It simply will bring out the very best in your home audio system. It is incapable of doing anything else. The EWA cable system utilizes bespoke conductors and insulators, sheaves and dielectrics which you will not find anywhere else, to great effect. These cables, designed by a world renowned expert in signal transmission and power supply (and an experienced Chemist to boot), are likely the most comprehensively engineered cables available today. Nothing is off the shelf, nothing is from the wholesaler (except the plugs, and solder). The whole range has extraordinary shielding and noise suppression properties, and phenomenal electrical properties that will allow any music playing device to 'sing'. Hear your system, your cherished music making machine, sound the best it ever has.

As for the amplifiers, incorporating the SECA technology? Well, that shall have to wait for another day... but when you do hear it, you may very well rue your lost time. Just don't leave it to Autumn.

All this is very well, and quite special by itself, but there is even more. The designer, Colin Wonfor, is an audio nut like you. And me. He aims to share his achievements with all, not just those that can afford £5k for a power cable, but with anyone who loves music. So even with manufacturing costs in multiple thousands of pounds for each reel of cable  (costs far  higher than any other cable company you might think of), we are selling incredibly cheaply. Cable costs, plus a small margin = cost to you. No mark ups, no distributors and dealers, or inflated RRP. You pay less than a distributor would for EWA products, in the traditional retail model. 

That means that our power cable will stand toe to toe with that £5k power cable. And very likely be better in every meaningful, subjective and measurable way. Expensive statement products? This is what we think of your statements... without shouting, EWA just does better. Ever wanted to try the highest of high end cable products? Balked at the price? Why should the best audio be only for the rich? Try EWA, It will be better. It was designed to be, by a designer who can, and has, again and again. Just to re-iterate, out mains power cable would sell at over £5k if it were made by a.n.other cable company, and our loudspeaker cables, and interconnects. They are better than 'that' good. 

Spring is coming. Step by step, we are warmer, happier, more fulfilled and optimistic. ABCaudio, with EWA, is coming. Step by step, we are warmer, happier, more fulfilled and optimistic - such is the power of music upon us. Just one step, one cable at a time, learn what EWA is about and what it can do for your music. Summer may even be out there, with promises fulfilled and the hope of dreams realized.

One step at a time...

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