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Publicity picture of EWA MCS-40 power cable

EWA MCS-80 Mains Power - Coming Soon

EWA introduces the MCS-80 Reference Mains Power Cable, an embodiment of our extensive expertise infused into your audio system. This power cable builds upon the exceptional foundation of the MCS-40, a reference power cable renowned for its remarkable results at a fraction of the cost of competitors. The MCS-80 takes this outstanding design and elevates it to new heights.


What sets the MCS-80 apart is its status as a truly unique mains power cable. Featuring triple shielding and exceptional RF and EM rejection, it also functions powerfully as a common mode choke along its entire length. Colin J. Wonfor, not one to rest on laurels, has further enhanced this design by incorporating a sophisticated in-line AC filtering device. This device adeptly removes DC from the mains signal, lowers impedance, and transforms the MCS-80 into an exceptional power supply cable for your audio components.


EWA MCS-80 mains power cables are available for pre-order now and comes equipped with Furutech FI-N1 gold-plated plugs as standard.


As with all EWA cables, we extend the opportunity for you to return the product within a month of receipt if it doesn't meet your expectations. Crafted to order and offered to you at distribution prices, EWA cables represent unparalleled value. If available through traditional retail channels, these cables would command at least four times the price. Remarkably, they would emphatically outperform the competition at that elevated price point.