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EWA MCS-5 double shielded mains power cable, at ABCaudio 1.
  • EWA MCS-5 Reference Mains Power

    Presenting the EWA MCS-5 reference mains power cable—a testament to true commitment to excellence in audio performance. Building upon the success of Colin J Wonfor's previous work, he has created a a reference power cable that can be celebrated for its impressive outcomes at a fraction of the cost of competitors. It has a worthy place in the EWA cable system.


    In any audio system, EWA MCS-5 is capable of delivering superior results that showcase what can be achieved with thoughtful engineering and experience. This power cable is meticulously crafted to elevate your audio system, providing a reliable high capacity and high-quality power supply to your components.


    With its advanced double shielding and outstanding RF and EM rejection capabilities, the MCS-5 goes beyond typical power cables. EWA MCS-5 is an extraordinary power cable that really does enhance the performance of your audio components.


    EWA MCS-5 is now available for discerning audiophiles who seek a power cable that not only meets but exceeds their expectations. As with all EWA cables, MCS-5 comes with the option to return the product within a month of receipt if it doesn't meet your satisfaction. Crafted to order and provided at distribution prices, EWA cables represent exceptional value in the audio industry. If available through traditional retail channels, these cables would cost significantly more, yet they would still outshine the competition at that elevated price point.


    • EWA MCS 5 mains power cable (measured at one meter):

      Live inductance: 1.2µH

      Neutral inductance: 1.2µH

      Earth inductance: 1.1µH

      E-N Capacitance: 200pF

      E-L Capacitance: 200pF

      N-L Capacitance: 100pF

      Live resistance: 0.1mΩ

      Neutral resistance: 0.1mΩ

      Earth resistance: 2.3 mΩ


      Frequency response: -6dB @ 10MHz

      Single pulse resonance:  1V at 1A: <10 nsecs


      Termination by MS-HD mains products, featuring:


      ● Especially designed for large-diameter power cords

      ● British BS-1363 safety certification

      ● Patented product (Patent No. HK1111565)

      ● All pins, conductive parts and wire core fastening screws are plated with 3.0µm 24K gold.

      ● All conductive parts (under the plating)are made of selected highest-quality purified copper.

      ● Maximum installed cable diameter: 16mm.

      ● The wire core tightening screw is equipped with a protector, so that the wire core is not easy to be broken or damaged, designed to enhance conductive performance.

      ● The fuse clip is made of high-strength phosphor copper sheet, electroplated with 3.0µm 24K gold.

      ● 13A pure silver core fuse as standard

      ● Shell: high-grade Nylon, highly insulated, durable and hard wearing.


      Furutech option: Link.