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EWA IC-40 Interconnect at ABCaudio: an outstanding audio design by Colin Wonfor. XLR 2 Furutech
  • EWA IC-40 XLR Interconnect

    Presenting EWA IC-40 XLR balanced interconnects for audio, a true benchmark design that redefines expectations. Building on the success of the acclaimed EWA IC-25, an interconnect cable that effectively preserves phase integrity while suppressing EM noise and RFI, EWA IC-40 XLR features a unique triple shield system and the very finest conductors. With a commitment to delivering remarkable performance at a relatively affordable cost, EWA IC-40 stands as one of the most advanced interconnects available today and is a wonderful addition to the EWA cable system. EWA IC-40 is practically a lossless design with exemplary noise suppression and resistance, and perfect phase behaviour.



    As with all EWA products, EWA IC-40 is handcrafted in the UK. Upon receipt, you have thirty days to immerse yourself in the listening experience and evaluate your new EWA cable in the context of your own audio system. If, for any reason, the product does not meet your expectations, it can be returned for a full refund, excluding shipping costs. 

    • EWA IC-40 XLR balanced interconnect cable

      (Measured at 1M using AIM LCR DATABRIDGE 401, 1KHz, at 21C.)


      • Signal conductor capacitance: 3.1pF


      • Signal conductor resistance: <2mΩ


      • Signal conductor inductance: 1.2 µH


      • Ground conductor resistance: <6mΩ


      • Ground conductor inductance: 1.4 µH


      Coaxial design with unique EWA triple shield system addressing Electro Magnetic and Radio Frequency Interference (EM & RFI). Truly superb conductors are used to maximise the potential of this advanced design. Featuring almost no signal loss, excellent noise suppression and exemplary phase behaviour.


      A previous test of IC-25 (1M unbalanced, with no termination) involved measuring the cable wrapped around a source of intense radiated electrical noise. In comparison with a high end and even higher priced competitor product (which Colin also deigned), IC-25 was an extraordinary -30dB improvement over the competitor in terms of noise suppression. IC-40 is a siginificant advance over this.


      Standard OEM XLR plugs with carbon fiber effect grips: Anaerobic copper base, high quality gold plate finish on nickel layer, effective low mass design. These are a really nice quality plug with a most pleasing feel. Termination support via laminated structure incorporating mecahnical and adhesive elements, in addition to inbuilt plug strain relief (compression).


      Premium option:

      Furutech FP601M-G

      Furutech FP602F-G