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EWA LS-80 loudspeaker cables, available at ABCaudio
  • EWA LS-80 Loudspeaker Cables

    Introducing the EWA LS-80 Loudspeaker Cable, our flagship reference cable and the pinnacle of the EWA range. At its core, EWA LS-80 incorporates twin lengths of the esteemed LS-40 cable in a bi-conducting configuration, presenting a substantial cable that significantly contributes to your musical aspirations.


    EWA LS-80 promises an exceptionally visceral musical experience, surpassing even our acclaimed  LS-40. It emphatically delivers an abundance of music, presenting an expansive scale and immense dynamic potential at every moment. The bass just commands attention with its remarkable scale, textural detail, and propulsive power, demonstrating both impact and agility.


    The immersive quality extends throughout the extended and almost infinite midrange, revealing an abundance of detail within the expansive, deep soundstage. The cable's tonality and timbre mirror the realism of a front-row presentation, captivating your attention and drawing you into the unfolding musical narrative.


    The higher frequencies show produce and parade extension and clarity, defining detail without any harshness, showcasing an exceptional lack of anything to disrupt the musical immersion. The superlative quality of the treble region stands as a testament to the meticulous attention to detail in the LS-80's design, particularly regarding phase shifting.


    In essence, the EWA LS-80 elevates the character of LS-40 to new heights, not by simply adding more bass or sweeter treble, but by providing more of everything—more music, more scale, more realism. It presents a grand musical panorama that extracts the best from the equipment it accompanies.


    As with all EWA products, EWA LS-80 is meticulously handcrafted in the UK at the time of order. Upon receipt, you have thirty days to immerse yourself in the listening experience and evaluate your new acquisition within the context of your own system. If, for any reason, the product does not meet your expectations, it can be returned for a full refund, excluding shipping costs. However, we are confident that the EWA LS-80 Loudspeaker Cable will earn your appreciation and enhance your musical enjoyment.

    • The EWA LS-80 is meticulously designed, manufactured, and assembled in the UK. As a specialist cable, each component is crafted to our precise specifications.

      The LS-80 is essentially constructed from bi-conducting LS-40 cables, intricately bound together in close proximity within a braided mesh sleeve. While there are a few additional tweaks at termination, the core design revolves around this configuration, boasting one hundred and sixty-eight solid copper cores in each cable.

      Rather than opting for a simple bi-wire setup using LS-40, the LS-80 takes a unique approach. By binding two LS-40 cables together, the already abundant unique properties of the LS-40 are compounded. This enhances mutual magnetic coupling and further reduces common mode inductance, resulting in a sound that is not only larger but also better and more realistic. The LS-80's distinctive electrical properties make it akin to a direct connection between your amplifier and loudspeaker.

      Despite being a premier product and arguably one of the finest performing loudspeaker cables available, we maintain a preference for a simple, low-mass termination of high quality. As a standard option, the LS-80 is equipped with low-mass beryllium copper terminations, plated with nickel and then gold. These terminations undergo high-temperature soldering, utilizing a unique solder. However, for those with specific preferences, Furutech plugs and spades are also available, as are WBT options.

    • Measured at 3M using AIM LCR DATABRIDGE 401, at 21C.

      Capacitance: 115pF

      Single wire inductance: 20uH

      Common mode inductance: 14uH.

      Resistance: 42mR


      Core material: copper, eighty four per conductor (litz: individually insulated)

      Overall size: 30mm X 12mm.

      LS-80 does not coil due to being twinned cables in a sleeve. It must be ‘snaked’ or zig-zagged. Despite being quite bulky, it is flexible.