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What will Brexit bring?

Here at ABCaudio we are proud to correspond with our clients and friends one-to-one. It is one of the benefits of being small, that allows for a personal touch and opportunities for customisation and bespoke service.

So what can I tell you about Brexit? Well, let me say, one-to-one, that I don't really know. Costs are clearly going up, so our prices will eventually match. Will importing/exporting cost more? Probably, there will be new import and tax costs when posting overseas.

We want to assure you that we are going to be as reasonable as possible, and that to start with we have no intention of ramping up costs. Let's just se what happens in 2021, and we will respond appropriately when we know what we are dealing with. Just as ABCaudio did with Covid and lockdowns, we are insulating ourselves from disruption and preparing for the future as best we can. We will not let you down.

If you are buying from outside the EU, we expect no immediate change of any kind - no increased costs, extra customs fees or the like. In particular we have a lot friends in the Hong Kong area, and we are happy to say we expect no change when shipping to such locations.

Well that was boring! What can I tell you about EWA and ABCaudio?

Well, the first WB power amplifiers are now in production, and will be perhaps the finest amplifiers in the world at any cost. Based on the M-100 series bit with much higher current and deeper class A operation - I am personally very excited to get my hands on one for myself.

There are also several new amplifiers in the pipeline, one is very special class A version of the M-50 in dual differential configuration, and the other an outright pure class SECA (single ended) power amplifier.

Then what? EWA and ABCaudio have room to expand and grow. Should we seek industry reviews? Reach out to magazines? The only reviews we really appreciate have been yours, dear friends. But industry recognition would get Colin J Wonfor's outstanding designs much more attention, which we believe they deserve. So, if you know anyone we could reach out to concerning reviews, please to get in contact with ABCaudio - We would love to hear from you.

Stay safe, stay well!

Alan & Colin

Following are some gratuitous photos of products that have recently been updated:


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