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Music & Covid: Beauty in our time

As we embark on the herculean task of staying well, preserving well-being, and protecting those we love, we just wanted to say we are with you. Not physically, because of lockdown, but you know... 'Here'. For you.

Music and emotional well-being, stimulation and escapism all play a role in keeping us sane, in helping us hold onto some kind of beauty. Things out there are going to get worse out there before they start improving. But things don't have get away from us. If you already enjoy music on a HiFi system that uses EWA, we are so grateful that we can be a part of what brings joy to you. If not, no matter - just keep on enjoying what you have!

EWA and ABCaudio remain separated by restrictions (which are about to increase). Safety comes first, so although our work is impacted, slowed, and inconvenienced, we can still accomplish worthwhile things that add much needed beauty and meaning to our music - and that is very satisfying for us.

Work continues apace on the new M-100 series variant - the WB amplifier. It is a beefed up high current amplifier that starts with a gentle 80W RMS per channel, about half of which is in class A. However as the loudspeaker load impedance falls, the amplifier output rises to meet it, to dominate it even, down to around half an ohm. See here the picture of a WB development amplifier board on a test heat-sink:

With suitable fuses on the output, this 'Wicked Beast' amplifier can produce in excess of 1280W RMS into a half ohm load, all day long. Is that every likely to happen? No, absolutely not. What is special though are the other benefits to this level of capability. The incredible bandwidth, speed (slew rate) that makes this possible are delivered with perfect phase behaviour, and result in impeccable muscular control over the music. The damping factor (output impedance) of this amplifier is dynamic and measured in the thousands! This means an iron grip over the connected loudspeaker.

This is just one of the things causing anticipation at ABCaudio, as EWA have also finished tweaking a wonderful SECA amplifier, for those dedicated class A aficionados. This is reportedly a glorious machine, and we look forward to working with EWA to bring it to you.

So Covid or no, EWA and ABCaudio continue to search for, uncover and bring beauty into our world. It's harder work, it costs more, but it's more worthwhile than ever before. ABCaudio are prepared to continue functioning throughout lockdown, we have stock and materials. Visit us at, discover the full range of extraordinary EWA cables for music, and the finest amplification. Even if you don't buy anything, stay a while. Stick around, have a nose, distract yourself.

Stay safe, stay well. From ABC and EWA.

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