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Getting the word out

It's always a challenge to get EWA cables heard without a dealer network. However, for the sake of our clients we still prefer direct sales, and the two-thirds cheaper pricing this allows (by which we mean that a £700 cable from our our website would retail in a bricks-and-mortar shop for over £2100).

An extra testimonial for your reading pleasure from Neil, plus our first stab at a video advert. Don't laugh...


The LS-80 cables are now plumbed into the system!

Devialet D800

Shahinian Obelisk II

Roon Streaming via dedicated NUC, local files and Tidal

Garrard 301

All I can say is they really are quite special cables.

The whole sound has improved amazingly. It was always a sound that we loved and enjoyed but it has just improved all over the frequency range and presentation. The sound is really rich and just something you want to listen to. Everything feels like it has its own space yet it all still blends to a very musical sound. It has improved the bass no end, which was something I was not expecting but definitely a welcome addition.

So, delighted with the cables and very happy with the purchase. I guess to anyone who was thinking about them and can afford them, they are a huge upgrade for your system

Thanks Alan and Colin. - Neil


Talk again soon, until then have a great weekend!


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